Randek, headquartered in Falkenberg, Sweden, works with Bygghouse as their trusted North American sales and business development partner.  Currently the Randek North America office is co-located with Bygghouse, and Bygghouse supplies Randek with a base for North American sales.In this role, we do not act as manufacturer’s representatives, but work on the Randek team, to bring the world’s leading house manufacturing technology to the North American market.  This role is twofold, first we directly support sales of machines like the Auto-Eye Truss that are bringing game changing automation to the existing North American building component industry, and second, we are working with firms who see the potential of industrialized building technology to change the way houses can be built, and want to draw on the depth of Scandinavian experience to accelerate the development of building systems for North America.

Randek has machines that produce produce components exactly like the ones being used in North American, and also technology to bring new levels of efficiency and quality though highly value added building components, similar to the ones that are commonly used in Europe.  There has never been greater interest in the potential of this technology to change the way we build, or to change what we can build.

Randek evolved with the wooden house industry in Sweden as the vendor for automation and production equipment.  Because of this their production equipment is found in nearly every Scandinavian house factory, from the most basic, the most automated.  When people speak of “Scandinavian Quality” in building, they are speaking about Randek AB.   No one else in the world has a bigger range of experience in the subject of industrialized wood construction than the engineers and designers at Randek, who design products that meet the needs of the entire range of industry.  Over time, and though repeated engagement with different customers around the world, Randek has been able to standardize and simplify its solutions into a catalog of standard offerings.

Few people in North America are aware that Randek has delivered the most advanced house production plants currently operating in North America. Examples include, Toll Brothers, Moronda Homes, and Brockport Homes.

Bygghouse is conversant in the range of product offered by Randek and if you are considering investing in improving your construction process, or want to work with the premier experts in industrialized wood construction we would be happy to speak with you.

Most of the basic information about Randek AB can be found on their website http://www.randek.com/

Bygghouse can help you plan a visit to Scandinavia, if you are interested in visiting reference sites, and we have worked with individual firms as well as organizations to bring experts in Sweden into dialog with outside markets.  We are very pleased to serve Randek in North America, as their experience and ingenuity are peerless.  Though all production is currently located in Sweden, it has never been easier to communicate across the time zones, and at Randek integrity and customer service are a way of life.

Bygghouse is very pleased to be part of the Randek team as they grow though superior technology and a base of installed machines that no one else can replicate because of their long history with the world’s most advanced industrial construction industry based in Scandinava.


Randek logo

Randek in breif

Randek develops, manufactures, and markets high-performance machines and systems for off-site fabrication of building components, including fully manufactured houses and wood framed buildings. The product range consist of cut saws, wall, floor, and roof lines, roof truss systems, butterfly tables, and specialized fabrication machines. The automation level ranges from fully automated to manual systems.

The company history goes back to the 1940s and began working in close cooperation with the first factory based prefabricating house producers. Today leading house producers in 36 countries are using Randek machines and systems.

Randek’s product categories are as listed below.

Cut Saws
High quality and well tested saws with different automation grades. Also specialized saws for custom applications.

Wall, Floor, and Roof Production Lines
Complete product program for manufacturing of walls, floors and roofs. From manual to fully automatic systems.

Butterfly (Panel Flip) Tables
Flexible and well tested butterfly tables. Simple or advanced with a wide range of options.

Specialized Machinery
Customized machinery developed for specific applications such as the Automatic stucco machine, Beam insulating machine, Roof board machine or the Window frame machine.